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As if my time wasn’t already in short supply… I’ve added another thing to my already full schedule.  A while back someone suggested that I investigate Reiki as a possible way of treating some of my health problems.  He was … Continue reading

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Some New Challenges and an Unexpected Blessing

In February, I had a bit of a setback with my health. I accidentally swallowed a piece of steamed broccoli that was too big for my throat and it didn’t go down. We don’t have health insurance so I figured … Continue reading

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A couple of tips

First tip: a few months ago, I learned that when seasoning cast iron cookware, use shortening instead of vegetable oil.  I used veggie oil on a couple of cast iron frying pans for years, which formed a thick coating that … Continue reading

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Update on not getting 10% vinegar in your eyes

I have been reminded by my dear husband that it is a very good idea to wear goggles or some other kind of protective eye-wear when working with substances like 10% vinegar.   I think he has a very good … Continue reading

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