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A little hint about the new work

Here’s a little hint about what I’ve been up to.  I am about to start writing chapter four.  That’s all the hint for now. In other news, I am going blind.  I can still see well enough to get around … Continue reading

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Update and a new phase

The new series of baskets is almost finished.  All that’s left is to put the knobs on the vessel lids, take pictures, and put them all up on Etsy.  It took a lot longer than I’d anticipated because I developed … Continue reading

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Plans for 2013 (So Far)

This year the garden has many more plants in containers than previous years. This is partly because some of them were living in the greenhouse all winter, or were started very early in the year, and also because I need … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings

When I was still in my teens, I went wilderness canoe camping in La Verendrye Provincial Park a hundred or so miles north of Ottawa, in Quebec. The trip was about a hundred mile circuit in which we would paddle … Continue reading

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Where did the winter go?

We had some nights that went down well into the 20s F, but for the most part, this winter has been pretty mild. The plants in the greenhouse are doing well. The avocados may have survived or they may not. … Continue reading

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Things are moving fast in the garden

The side garden is almost completely planted now. I’m experimenting with some new ideas that completely revolutionize the way I work with that space. Instead of having each bed be dedicated to only one type of crop (plus the sunflowers … Continue reading

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My Favorite So Far

Fall seems to be the time to see them close to or in the house. I realized today that they occupy their spot inside the screen door when the inside door is still shut. That creates a very warm and … Continue reading

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