About This Blog

Adventures in co-creative gardening

This blog is about my gardens, and about my process of learning how to live co-creatively in the world.

Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra fame  says that with co-creative gardening, your garden can be anything you want.  It can be your garden outside, your plants inside, your house, your work, whatever you want.  She calls gardens like work, home, creative endeavors, etc., “soil-less gardens”.

I have five gardens – my outside garden (which is our whole, 50′ x 100′ property), our house, my art furniture work, my relationship with my husband, and my health.  Although, really, I have only one garden, and all of these things put together are my garden.  But for the purpose of this blog, I’m going to discuss each area of my garden as a separate garden, just to make things a bit simpler for me.

The object is to approach everything I do in and for my 5 gardens with co-creativity as my starting perspective.  Co-creativity embraces relationship with nature and the spirit world as a natural part of and adjunct to living in the physical, or material world.

I’m not sure when I started down this path.  Some time in the mid to late 1970s, someone told me about the Findhorn garden, and some time after that I read some of the books about that garden, and then Machaelle Wright’s books about her garden.  Many other books, people, and experiences shaped the trajectory of my path, and my approach to living co-creatively, but those two gardens are the starting point for my understanding of this approach to living.

This blog chronicles my adventures in co-creative living, including my successes, mishaps, learning experiences, and my experiences of the joys of co-creative living.  It will not always be chronological since I’ve been experimenting with this way of living for many years.  So interspersed among the posts about what is happening now, I will include posts about past experiences, to provide some background for understanding how my gardens and I got to where we are now.