About Co-Creative Gardening

There is what we now call “traditional” gardening, which really isn’t traditional at all, but a modern aberration that has only been practiced for less than a century.  This kind of gardening involves the use of factory produced chemical fertilizers and poisonous herbicides and insecticides.  It is essentially, kill or let the plants be killed gardening.  It is gardening that takes from the soil but does not return anything to it, does not build it up and protect it.  This kind of gardening and farming is not really sustainable in the long run.  The chemical fertilizers and pesticides are made from oil, and this means that there is a large hidden cost when we use them.  A cost that involves wars and destruction of the environment.

There is what we call “organic” gardening.  This is fairly sustainable.  It does not poison the earth or deplete the soil, and in fact, done properly, will build up the soil and protect its life-systems.  It doesn’t have the hidden costs of “traditional” gardening. It is a good way to garden.

Co-creative gardening utilizes sources of wisdom and knowledge that neither of the above methods utilize.  That is the wisdom and knowledge of nature itself and the world of spirit.  For those who are inclined to believe that there is no such thing as spirit, or who can’t accommodate the idea that nature can have wisdom and knowledge, this blog is not for you.  But for those who are willing and able to accommodate such ideas, co-creative gardening can open up a whole world of help and guidance, and also a profound and powerful sense of relationship to the other life forms that  we have forgotten about or that have been buried deep, deep down in our collective consciousness.