Outdoor garden (again) and a sitting spot

My husband cleared out some space from the jungle behind the wood shop shed and we’re turning it into a sitting spot.  It’s the only part of our property that has shade for a large part of the day during the summer.  I’ve moved all of my potted outdoor plants there and I’ve decided to grow some container tomatoes and cucumbers.  The big challenge with tomatoes here in the part of the world where Spanish moss grows is mildews, rots, and viruses that the plants succumb to because of their leaves being too wet much of the time, and the intensity of the sun.  And of course the leaf footed bugs, glassy winged sharpshooters, and armyworms.

My proposed solutions for the problems of the air moisture and the bug life are plastic sheeting covering the plants at night, and netting covering them all the time.  The shade addresses the problem of too much sun along with this year’s garden being essentially a fall garden.

The big challenges with cucumbers here are the worms that bore into the cucumbers and the heat causing them to become bitter.  Netting will address the first problem.  Shade and being a fall garden will address the second.

I have ordered a packet of Black Sea Man tomato seeds.  Black Sea Man are the only determinate heirloom black type tomatoes that I could find, and I’ve had success growing them in pots before.  I’ve also ordered a packet of Spacemaster cucumber seeds which, according to the blurb in the seed catalog, can be grown in hanging baskets.

I have been longing for a beautiful spot outside that I could use as an outdoor living room with complete privacy and where I could allow nature to heal and nurture me.  All of the other parts of the yard are either too sunny or not private or both.  I typed most of this blog post in the sitting spot.  This weekend I’ll be hanging some LED lights so I can use it after dark, and adding a table so I can use it as my writing spot as well (weather permitting).  This is how I define luxury, and I get to have an outdoor garden again for the first time since 2014.  Yay

Pictures to come…

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