Muggle Job Garden

I didn’t anticipate that one of my gardens would be a muggle job.  But I have the job.  And so why shouldn’t it be a garden?  To be honest, it’s not what I would prefer to be doing with my time.  I would much prefer to be making things and growing things.  That is my natural milieu.  But here I am.  I have a job.  There is energy in that, too.  So if I’m going to have to do it, it deserves to be a garden, and it deserves to have the best energy I can put into it.

I do customer service over the phone.  I am fortunate in that I can do this from my home.  But even doing it from home, it’s still pretty much like any other job, and it has most of the same stresses that go with any other job.  I can’t control very many of the variables in my virtual working environment.  Our work is measured in seconds spent doing this or that, and how many of the required elements we successfully complete during each call.  Sometimes it’s difficult to remember to verify someone’s email address when they’re being short tempered and cranky.  But you do your best, and you hope that everything evens out in the end.

Fortunately for me, as someone who has a natural inclination to want to help, the helpfulness and friendliness that we exhibit is considered one of the most important elements of the call.  I would not be happy in a job where the call handle time was considered by my employers to be more important than helping people and making them feel happy they called.  My job satisfaction comes from helping people get their problems solved and making them feel welcome and special during the course of working on their problems.

So that is the fertilizer and the water for the muggle job garden: helping to bring a little bit more light into my caller’s day whenever it is possible for me to do so.  And the bounty of the garden is the way that makes me feel, which is really where my job satisfaction comes from.

There is also inner work for me with having the muggle garden.  Working on and clearing out old patterns relating to concepts of failure and giving up and never thinking what I do is good enough.  I still feel that way a lot – like nobody will like the work I do – because that was a message I got a lot in earlier parts of my life.  It’s tough to clear out those kinds of inner messages.  But I get a lot of great feedback from my callers, and I am almost always ranked among the top 6 and usually in the top three in metrics in the program I work for.  I even was ranked in first place in February.  My team lead says I’m one of her top agents.  It’s funny how all of the external messages one gets in a current context can still be overridden by the inner messages that are habitual thought patterns that we develop over the course of a lifetime.  I sensed, at times when I was feeling very discouraged on the job, that this was just a part of my process of clearing out old stuff, and that I had to ignore the feeling and just plow through it, and that once I had manifested enough success for long enough, my inner patterns would change from a failure mentality to a success mentality.  I’m part way there, anyway.

I wonder how many gardens I have now?

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