Indoor Garden

It’s been many years since I was able to have an indoor garden.  I learned several years ago that I am allergic to the kinds of organisms that live in the soil of potted plants.  So no houseplants for me.  Or so I thought for a long time.

A few months ago I spotted some tillandsia bromeliads in a store, and had a light bulb moment.  Houseplants that did not need soil!  I bought one on the spot and since then I have added a few to the first.  I also figured that I could probably handle a staghorn fern since that is also an epiphyte and requires almost no soil.  It’s so nice to have houseplants again after having no plant life in the house for so long.  Here is my indoor garden.   This was taken a few months ago.  The plants have grown since then, and I now have two of the taller  tillandsias.  The garden is mounted on a piece of old reclaimed barn wood.  It was a scrap left over from making a top for one of my tables.  So… indoor garden!  Yay!


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