Basket Garden

Still trying to get back into the workshop to continue work on the tables.  But the muggle job and the extra amount of time I have to spend on food preparation because of my problems swallowing have prevented me from doing that.  So I have found a solution that gets around that problem.  I’ve started making baskets.  I can work on the baskets in between calls at work and while relaxing after work in the evenings. It’s a good compromise for the time being.  I’m just getting started, but I’m making some headway.  Here are some of the baskets I’ve made so far.  They are fabric-wrapped, coiled baskets.  All of the stitching is done by hand using an invisible stitch technique.  More colors coming soon.

Making the baskets feels like good work to me.  It feels as much like what I’m supposed to be doing as building furniture does.   I no longer have any outdoor garden to speak of, other than a few potted plants, but this basket garden is good.

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