Muggle Job

It’s been a few months since I have been able to do any work on the furniture. I had to take on a regular paying job in order to keep things going until the tables start selling. The learning curve has been steep and it’s been a long process getting my methods perfected.

I have three table bases built, and the tops and shelves for all three are ready to be attached. I put paint on one of the bases and then had to store it in the greenhouse while I worked on the others. It’s good I did that because I learned something important about milk paint that will allow me to make a better product in the long run. I discovered that if milk paint is applied over wood filler and is then exposed to a lot of heat and humidity, it will peel. This is an easy fix because the company that makes the milk paint also makes a product that will seal the wood and the wood filler, which I will apply before the milk paint. Problem solved.

I’m also glad the paint on the one table peeled, because I decided after putting it on that I want that one to be a different color. So that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

I was finally able to spend a few hours in the wood shop today, which felt great. I spent it sanding down the table base that had the peeling milk paint on it. In couple of weeks, I should be putting in fewer hours at the muggle job, which will free up a lot more time for working on the tables. I’m looking forward to getting this process moving again.

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