We Begin Anew

It’s hard for me to believe that I haven’t made an entry to this blog since 2013.  Life got upheaved for us here toward the end of 2013, and a lot of changes happened as a result.

The 2014 garden was doing well, and I was just entering the stage where I was going to use the products mentioned in the last entry when it became necessary for me to get a job that involved being tethered to a desk for many hours each day.  The vegetable and herb gardens fell by the wayside by necessity.  Since I didn’t have time to apply the things that would protect the plants, the whole vegetable garden became a bug garden.  It was theirs to do with as they willed.  The herb garden suffered a lot of die back because the irrigation line to that garden was severed and I didn’t have time to fix it.  And also for some reason people kept weed whacking the area where the mints grew, particularly the chocolate mint, which was and still is my favorite mint.

This year I am not having much of a garden.  I’m not currently working tethered to a desk, but I could find myself in that situation again at any time, and in the meantime, I have started to build furniture.  I would like that to become my full time job.  So this year I have started just a few tomato plants of two varieties that are fairly small – Black Sea Man and Bush Early Girl, a few starts of eggplants – Listada de Gandia and Pingtung Long, and two varieties of peppers – Carmen and Jalapeno.  I wanted to grow Douce de Espagne peppers again this year, but I didn’t have any seeds and I decided to only use seeds that I already had this year.  It doesn’t look like the Carmens are going to come up, but those seeds are at least two, possibly three years old, so I’m not at all surprised.

The Lambs’ Quarters and Butterfly Asclepias re-seeded themselves last year and I had a bumper crop of those (and also a bumper crop of monarch butterfly larvae living on the Asclepias).  The Meyer Lemon tree produced a couple of dozen lemons over the winter, and we are still enjoying those.  And it is blossoming profusely right now.  The strawberries in the baskets died back a lot because of the irrigation line being severed, but I still have two that survived and one that actually reseeded itself in the form of one little baby strawberry plant.  The volunteer strawberry that planted itself in one of the artichoke planters is doing great although it’s possible that two of the three artichokes did not survive the winter.

I’ve bought a few herbs to replace the ones that didn’t survive last summer.  The rosemary, fennel, and one of the lavendar plants look like they’re doing ok.  There are now three tree saplings spaced out in the herb garden.  It’s either two wild plums and one crab apple, or the other way around.  They’re doing well.  I’ll be planting two kinds of thyme, curry plant, chocolate mint, and oregano.  I don’t know yet whether or not the chives, parsley, tarragon, bee balm, and lemon balm will come back.  I think the lemon verbena might have survived last year, but I’m not sure yet.  The fig tree and blueberry bushes appear to be doing well.

From now on, most of the updates will be about the furniture garden, while the food gardens will take a bit of a back seat.

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