The Furniture Garden… Yay!

This is work that I have for years been wanting to do, but didn’t have time because most of my time was being spent taking care of the food gardens.  Once the decision about whether or not to put my time into the food garden was essentially taken out of my hands for a while, and now finding myself no longer tethered to a desk for many hours a day, it was a much easier decision to just say, ok, it’s time to put the food gardens on the back burner for now, and put my energies into the furniture garden.

I already have several designs that I plan to make, using plywood, reclaimed barn wood, twigs, pieces of corrugated metal (recycled/repurposed from food cans), and copper.  I have one table made – a prototype – and I’m very happy with it.  I hope to be going into production with tables to sell some time in the next couple of weeks.  The finishes are milk paint, tung oil, carnauba wax, and polywhey urethane on the wood and copper paint with an oxidized verdigris patina on the metal.  The twig is held on with copper wire.

Here is the first table prototype.  I’ll go into more detail about how it was made in subsequent entries.

4-4-15 First Table Crop4-4-15 First Table Crop 2

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