The 2014 Garden

I didn’t post any updates during the 2014 garden year, but here are some pictures from 2014 to show where things were going in the garden before I had to stop .

Peppers and Jerusalem artichoke

6-14-14 Peppers and Jerusalem Artichoke

Potted plants in the side garden, including potted cucumbers and the Meyer lemon

6-14-14 Side Garden Potted Plants

New Zealand spinach, lambs’ quarters, and onions

6-14-14 New Zealand Spinach Lambs' Quarters Onions

This is the back garden.  Those are the supports we built for the tomatoes.  It was the first year my tomato supports were tall enough for the plants.

6-14-14 Tomato Supports 2

Patio Princess, Black Plum, and Early Girl tomatoes

6-17-14 Patio Princess Black Plum Early Girl

Neptune tomato

6-27-14 Neptune

Black Krim

7-1-14 Black Krim

This variety of tomato was just called Black

7-1-14 Black

Cherokee Chocolate tomato.  I liked these way better than the Cherokee Purple I grew the year before

7-1-14 Cherokee Chocolate

This is an artichoke blossom.  I discovered too late that you have to pick the globes before they blossom.  😉

7-7-14 Artichoke Blossom

Baby pineapple.  I had two pineapples growing on the plants last year.  They were both very small

7-7-14 Baby Pineapple

Eggplant and Lambs’ quarters.  The largest of the lambs’ quarters reached 7 or 8 feet in height, and probably six feet in width, with a trunk of 2 or 3 inches in thickness at the base.

9-4-14 Lambs' Quarters

This is the side garden in July.  I was already working the desk job by then, and not too long after this, the garden started to really fall apart.

7-7-14 July Garden

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