Celebrating Nature

Here are some of the pictures I took in celebration of nature in 2014

A rare ice storm for this part of the world

2-11-14 Ice Close-up    2-12-14 Ice 2

2-12-14 Ice 4    2-12-14 Ice 5

2-12-14 Ice 3    2-12-14 Ice 6

Closeup of a dandelion and a green tree frog on some bubble wrap in the greenhouse

3-24-14 Dandelion Closeup    4-5-14 Frog on the Bubblewrap

White poppy, which is indigenous to this area and which grows in our yard, and a passionflower blossom.  I planted the passionflower in a pot, and it has yet to be put in the ground.  Hopefully this year.

6-14-14 White Poppy Close Crop More Contrast    6-17-14 Passionflower

A little toad that was living in one of the grow bags that I planted carrots in last year and what I believe are probably assassin bug larvae

7-14-14 Toad in the Carrots    9-4-14 Assassin Bug Larvae

Some of the numerous monarch butterfly larvae that lived on the butterfly asclepias that seeded itself in the side garden last year.  There was a lot of butterfly asclepias and even so, the poor monarch larvae had slim pickings toward the end because there were so many of them and they were voracious.  I am hoping that I was able to help slow down the decline of the monarch population if only just a little bit

9-4-14 Monarch Butterfly Larvae 4    9-4-14 Monarch Butterfly Larvae 2

9-4-14 Monarch Butterfly Larvae 3

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