Two New Tomatos

The first of the new tomato varieties for this year have ripened and the verdict is in for both of them.

Black Sea Man is a determinate heirloom variety from Russia. It produces medium sized tomatoes that are green on top and pinkish/brownish/reddish on the bottom. The flesh is the same. This is an excellent tomato. It’s got a nicely complex flavor that is sweet and tart with a lot of interesting undertones. The flesh is tender and juicy. We like this one a lot and will probably grow it again. The tomatoes that we have so far been eating of this variety have been from plants that are in containers. The vines are a little large for containers, and during hot weather, they experience some stress because of this. This can be a problem because insects are attracted to plants that are under stress. I don’t know if I would grow this one in containers again, although it’s been nice having such early tomatoes from these plants.

Black Sea Man Tomatoes

6-8-13 Black Sea Man Tomato 2

6-8-13 Black Sea Man Tomato

6-5-13 Black Sea Man Tomato

The Sprite tomatoes are a determinate heirloom grape tomato. The taste is every bit as good as Napa grape tomatoes. It’s sweet and tangy with a nice fruity flavor. I will probably grow this instead of the Napa grapes in the future.

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