Other Life

Some insects, insect larvae, insect eggs, and other creatures that have been spotted around the garden in recent weeks:

Seven spotted ladybug larvae. If you see this creature in your garden, don’t kill it

4-10-13 Ladybug Larvae2

Toads are a garden ally

4-9-13 Toad among the Tomatoes

Frogs are beneficial as well

4-16-13 Frog 2

This is a type of terrestrial flatworm, or land planarian. The common name is Arrowhead Flatworm. They are beneficial as well because they eat slugs and snails, although they can be a problem for people who raise earthworms in beds because they also eat earthworms. They are an introduced species, believed to be originally from Asia. Most people don’t know that most earthworms in North America are also introduced from elsewhere. Most of the original population of earthworms were eradicated by the glaciers during the last ice age. Pill bugs or sow bugs occupied the earthworm’s ecological niche in North America during the time when earthworms were not common here

5-14-13 Weird Critter 2

5-14-13 Weird Critter

This is a kudzu bug. They will feed on legumes. They are a recent introduction to the Western Hemisphere and are becoming a problem in the United States

5-17-13 Kudzu Bug

I could not find a common name for this bug. The Latin name is Prepops insitivus. The little bit of information I could find about it said that they feed on black locust trees, although I have seen a couple of pictures that show it feeding on caterpillars.

5-18-13 Black and Orange Bug

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