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Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce

I invented this recipe last night. I think it’s a great recipe for people who have a few tomatoes they want to use for pasta sauce but not enough to be able to simmer them down to make a thick … Continue reading

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Straw Bale Beds

I’ve been experimenting with straw bale beds since last fall. I used them in a couple of difficult spots where the soil is very poor and I didn’t have the time or the materials to make the soil suitable for … Continue reading

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Other Life

Some insects, insect larvae, insect eggs, and other creatures that have been spotted around the garden in recent weeks: Seven spotted ladybug larvae. If you see this creature in your garden, don’t kill it Toads are a garden ally Frogs … Continue reading

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Two New Tomatos

The first of the new tomato varieties for this year have ripened and the verdict is in for both of them. Black Sea Man is a determinate heirloom variety from Russia. It produces medium sized tomatoes that are green on … Continue reading

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Update Photos

Photos of some of the things that were discussed in the last garden update, and the state of the garden as of 5/30/13: Bug garden Straw bale beds New garden plot in the power line cut Side garden Strawberry irrigation

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