New Methods And Some Piccies

I’ve been spraying the plants with aerobic compost tea. It seems to help them a lot. The foliage has a very healthy and robust look to it. It almost looks like it glows with health. I use this recipe from Compost Junkie

Balanced Compost Tea Recipe

1.5 pounds of compost
1 ounce of liquid kelp*
1 ounce of soluble unsulphured black-strap molasses

I haven’t yet obtained any humic acids, so I have left them out of the recipe. I fill a five gallon plastic bucket with filtered water, then I put the compost into one foot of a pair of pantie hose, and I suspend the pantie hose from the handle of the bucket so that the compost is submerged. I add the other ingredients directly to the water. I have an aquarium aerator with two stones, and I submerge the stones (using weights to keep them down) in the water. It’s ready to use when it stops foaming. If I’m not going to use all of it right away, I leave the aerator stones in it until I’m ready to use it. This keeps the good kind of bacteria and other beneficial organisms alive and growing, and prevents the growth of the kinds that I don’t want.

Here is a picture of the bucket as the tea is brewing

2-19-13 Aerobic Compost Tea 640

I’m also using an aerator in the little pond I’ve made for the watercress. It now also has some moss growing it so I’m calling it the moss and watercress garden

4-5-13 Moss Garden 2 640

Here’s the straw bale cold frame with plants in it. There are now also some cabbage plants growing in the top of the bales, but I don’t have a picture of that yet

3-8-13 Straw Bale Cold Frame 640

Here’s some of the new plant starts as they looked in early March. Most of them are outside the greenhouse right now because we haven’t been having freezing nights lately

3-8-13 New Plant Starts 2 640

These are pictures of some blossoms that I’ve taken recently. Some of them are crops and some of them grow wild


3-25-13 Rosemary Blossom 640


2-20-13 Henbit 640


2-20-13 Corydalis 640


4-5-13 Wisteria 4 640

4-5-13 Wisteria 2 640

4-5-13 Wisteria 1 640

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