We have two sources of flowing water here in our little urban farm. Or perhaps “dripping” might be a better word. Our air conditioner, when running, produces a fairly steady supply of water, which simply drains into the ground next to the house. The other is the dehumidifier, which I have draining through a length of garden hose into a hole in the ground several feet from the house. I had to put the drainage hose for the dehumidifier a few inches underground because it wanted to freeze, and that caused the water to back up into the dehumidifier, which then leaked back into the crawlspace, sort of defeating the whole reason for having the dehumidifier in the first place. Having the hose under the ground meant having to dig a hole for it to empty into, in order to avoid having the hose going uphill at any point along its length.

Last year I was thinking it might be nice to put a tiny pond under the outlet for the air conditioner’s condensate pipe, and let the pipe drain into it. It seems like it would be a nice feature, and something the wildlife might appreciate. Now that the dehumidifier is draining into the back yard, I’m trying to think of ways to combine both sources of water into a single tiny pond. The first problem that presents itself is the fact that the dehumidifier hose is draining into a part of the yard that is more utilitarian than attractive, and along with this, it’s in an area that is used a lot for work that is not related to the garden. It’s definitely not the best place on the property for a charming little water feature.

I’d like to have the watercress garden be the tiny pond that the water goes into

1-24-12 Watercress Garden 640

I’d like to have some duckweed and maybe a few other small water plants in the tiny pond, along with the watercress. Watercress likes to grow in water that is always fresh, so it seems like a perfect solution to that problem. It might get too hot here for watercress, though, so once summer rolls around, I might find my little plan will not ultimately include the watercress.

I love the idea of water being made from the humidity in the air. I love the idea of having a source of fresh, somewhat flowing water here in our little farm. It’s not a stream or a spring or anything like that, but it’s still water.

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