Fall Has Arrived

For me, here where I am and astronomical considerations aside, the beginning of fall is when I have to shut down the drip system and put the timer away where it won’t freeze. So for me, fall arrived last night.

In the last week or so, I have moved all of the plants that were on the N/NE side of the house to the S/SW side of the house. This side has a much warmer micro-climate, and receives far more sun during the colder months. Most of the garden on the N/NE side of the house is in shadow for a large part of the day from October to March, and is unsuitable for a winter garden.

I had hoped to be able to put the two avocado trees, the eucalyptus tree, and the lemongrass inside the greenhouse for the winter, but they grew far too big for that. So they are grouped just outside of the greenhouse on the warm side of the house, as close up to the house as I could get them. I’m hoping that they will be able to survive the winter there.

Everything else except for the citronella has been put inside the greenhouse. This includes two salsa delight pepper plants, three pineapple plants, an aloe plant, a miniature rose, the bay laurel (with a volunteer dill plant growing also in its pot) six potato plants in bags, six hanging baskets of strawberries and one stationary pot with strawberries, which are still bearing fruit, cilantro, stevia, and all of the starts for the winter garden, including lettuce, parsley, golden cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, cardoon, carrots, golden beets, and calendula. I’m going to have to make more room in there because I want to start some other plants soon. I will probably make a cold frame just outside of the greenhouse right where the bug garden has been, using an old glass storm door that we took off the house last spring as the lid.

Yesterday I hooked the heater up to its power source because we had a frost warning. The greenhouse is now officially ready for winter.

Some of the plants in the following two pictures have been moved inside the greenhouse since the pictures were taken. The trees and lemongrass I mentioned before are still where they are in the pictures

Outside the Greenhouse

Outside the Greenhouse 2

This is essentially how the greenhouse looks inside right now

Inside the Greenhouse

Inside the Greenhouse 2

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