Genesa Crystals

I’ve been using Genesa Crystals in my gardens and in my home for many years. I use them for the work they do with energy. They take energy in, condition it, and then send it back out again. I’ve made my own and I’ve made them for other people. I find them to be a very important element in any setting that involves healing and transformation. I encourage everyone to have at least one Genesa Crystal in their personal environment. Until recently, I have been using the instructions that came in the back of Machaelle Wright’s, Perelandra Garden Workbook. They are good instructions and I have successfully made quite a few Genesa Crystals using them as my guide.

I have been aware of some Genesa Crystals, made by Jim Young of Young Design, also for many years. His are the most beautiful I have seen, because he is able to weave the hoops in such a way as to have them always passing alternately over and then under all of the other hoops in the crystal. This prevents the slight deformation that is unavoidable using Machaelle Wright’s instructions. For all of those years, I have been trying to figure out how Jim Young does it, but I never succeeded.

Recently, I found online a site that has instructions from Jim about how to put a crystal together the way he does it. I have made one small crystal using his instructions and some card stock paper. It worked perfectly. I am currently trying to figure out how to scale the template up so that I can make much larger crystals using tubing (I have four hula hoops that I hope to use for this when I get it figured out).

Here are the instructions for anyone who would like to try making a Genesa Crystal for him or herself. I highly recommend it

Genesa Crystal Instructions

I almost always put stones of one kind or another inside and/or around my Genesa Crystals. For the last few years, I have had part of an amethyst geode in mine, and last year I added a large piece of rose quartz. Very recently, I have felt drawn to adding more stones to the crystal. I gathered up all of the stones that it felt like were calling to me and charged them in the sun for several hours, and I put them in the crystal. It feels very good to have them in there. I added Smokey Quartz, Tiger Eye, part of a Citrine Geode, Amber, Moss Agate, Moldavite (of the several pieces I have, including a raw piece and several cut like gemstones, I felt drawn to putting the one that was cut in the shape of a heart), Rose Quartz, Azurite/Malachite crystal cluster, Amethyst, two Clear Quartz crystals, a Danburite crystal, and a piece of Phenakite.

Every environment and setting will have different requirements and needs regarding what kinds of minerals would be appropriate to put in their Genesa Crystal (if any at all). And needs in one particular environment or setting can change over time as the energies of the location go through changes and healing and/or transformation processes. For many years, I have not even taken the Moldavite out of its little storage bag because it felt too overwhelming to have it out. It still feels inappropriate to have any but the heart shaped Moldavite out of its storage bag.

People who decide to make a Genesa Crystal of their own will need to use their own process of discovery to find out what kinds of minerals will need to be added to their crystal. My own way of doing it is to just look at the stones that I have (or stones I’m looking at pictures of) and see which ones I feel very drawn to at that moment. It’s almost like a feeling of hunger, only for the stone and not for food. Sometimes I might tune in a bit also if I need any more information about what I’m doing.

I think a lot of people get overwhelmed by the idea of trying to get information in this way, but if people just think about it in the same way they think about what food they want to eat or what clothes they want to wear, I think they will have good success finding out what they need to know.

I made this crystal sometime in the 1990s. The soldering where the ends meet and also where the hoops cross each other popped a long time ago. I made it from 1/4 inch copper tubing (the kind that is used for ice makers in refrigerators), and I soldered it with just regular old plumbing solder, although I have also used “silver solder” on some of the other crystals I’ve made). The ends are held together with aged mylar tape, and many of the places where the hoops cross are held in place with glue from a glue gun. But, while it is not very attractive to look at, it still functions just as well as a more beautiful Genesa Crystal. It’s the shape that is important, not the looks. There are two choices for how the crystals can be oriented. They can be set on a square plane, or a triangular plane. Each orientation has different properties. I have been keeping mine on a square plane for a long time. I don’t know why it needs to be this way, but it always feels like it does. Other people and settings will have different requirements.

These are the stones I am currently using


This is the Genesa Crystal with the stones

Genesa Crystal

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