More Pictures

Here’s some more pictures to help bring this blog up to date.

This is how the garden looked on July 13, just as it was starting to get out of control

Garden July 13

Here was my unsuccessful attempt at bringing the garden under control. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to get the plants tied up that I started tying support strings to the structure before I had finished securing the structure at the top. Once I started tying the strings on, the tension of the strings shifted the upper structure, and what was being held in place by tension in the upper structure suddenly wasn’t and everything came down

Garden 14 July

Here’s the garden in late August. By this time, the sunflowers had finished their life cycle and had been removed. The very tall plant that is closest to the camera in the left-hand bed is a Jerusalem artichoke

Garden Late August

The garden on September 29. The yellow flowers are Jerusalem artichoke

Garden September 29

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2 Responses to More Pictures

  1. C.Condello says:

    When you remove the jerusalem artichokes make sure to get all of the roots, sifting it works sometimes but not everytime… Beautifull garden by the way

    • 5gardens says:

      Thanks. I also found that planting Jerusalem artichokes near an area that is covered with landscape cloth and mulch presents some interesting challenges when it comes time to harvest. 😉

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