Paradigm Shift

There’s still a lot of chaos about, but order is beginning to emerge from it. The foundations of order are being laid.

Everything begins as a concept. It emerges as energy. And it takes form through the process of creation. When we co-create, we take into consideration what is needed in the broad sense of being for the highest good of all, and we utilize the tools and resources at our disposal to bring it into physical form. The tools we have to work with include energy as well as physical resources.

When we are undergoing a paradigmatic shift, the shift begins first at the level of concept, it emerges as energy, and takes form through being put into practice by those consciousnesses who are inhabiting form.

As the shift takes place, we see much confusion, chaos, and disorder. The old paradigm is breaking up and gradually being replaced by the new. This is what produces the confusion, chaos, and disorder. Imagine a frozen river. While frozen, there is order. It is an order that is characterized by all of the qualities and attributes of a frozen river. There are things that can be depended upon because of this static state of being. We can walk on it, skate on it, sometimes we can drive on it depending on the thickness of the ice. We can’t fish or swim in it unless we break the ice or make a hole in it. These are the static realities of a frozen river. This is order.

In the springtime, before the river is fully unfrozen, there is a period of chaos. The ice begins to break up. It goes through many different states of being before it becomes water. It might break up into big pieces that a person or an animal can stand upon. These pieces might move downstream with the flow of the water and pile up on the shoreline in different places. Great destruction can happen as the ice moves downstream. After the ice rots some more, it might become candle ice and clog up the flow of the river, causing it to overflow its banks and flood the land through which it passes. This is chaos. It is unpredictable, and it’s not possible to know what might happen next.

After all of the ice has thawed, there is order once again. We can count on having to use a boat, a bridge, or a ferry in order to cross without getting wet. We can fish in it without needing to break the surface or make a hole in it. While it’s not as static as a frozen river, because rains cause its level to go up and down, it is nevertheless a steady state of liquidity that has properties we can count on.

When the energies are in flux – when there is a shift underway in the paradigm – we will experience a physical reality that could be compared to the river as the ice is breaking up. Ways of doing things that once worked no longer work. But the reality is too unstable to be able to count on being able to do things in a new way with any kind of predictability. At such times we often feel at a loss and we feel alienated and like a stranger to ourselves and our surroundings.

The new paradigm takes form as we make the needed changes, one by one as we encounter them, through the living of our daily lives. This is the process of creation. What begins as concept and emerges as energy, takes form as action.

Currently, there is a movement toward an increase in balance and harmony. On a global level, we see this manifesting in the form of many individuals working together to bring greater equity and justice to all people. The various social movements that are working to address problems created by the old paradigm – the paradigm of a monolithic hierarchy – are, through action, helping to make manifest what currently only exists as an idea and as energy: the idea that all are equal and that all of life has its own legitimacy and purpose, and is not dependent upon others to bestow this legitimacy or purpose upon it.

On the local level, here in my space, I see this taking form through work that is being done on the house and changes to the outside gardens. I am currently making changes at the most basic level to the way the space is used in all parts of the house and outside gardens. My office is currently in a state of complete upheaval as I remove a bed (and all of its under-bed storage) and create a new work surface in its place. Before, in order to sew, I had to set up the sewing machine or serger on the kitchen table and create all of the chaos that comes with such a project right there in the kitchen, making it difficult for the kitchen to be used for anything else. This also had the down side of adding a lot of time to sewing projects just through the amount of time it takes to set things up and then take them back down again to be put away. Now, I will be able to leave everything out all the time and sewing projects can be easily fitted into smaller chunks of time because nothing will need to be moved in order to do the work.

Until recently, the floor in the kitchen was very difficult to maintain because it was getting old and the surface had become porous, and much scrubbing by hand was needed in order to get it fairly clean, although it never looked completely clean regardless of how much scrubbing was done. The new floor in the kitchen takes a lot less time to maintain, but there is the added benefit of the peace and serenity that comes with not having a lot of extraneous matter lodged into the tiny pores of the flooring material. All matter has energy, and a lot of extraneous matter can create chaotic energy. Similarly, the newly painted walls and cabinets contribute to this feeling of peace and serenity that was not so much present while the walls and cabinets had their old and uneven looking surfaces. The colors also make a difference. The old colors were chosen by the previous inhabitants, and they were a good fit for them, but different colors create more harmony for us.

As I stated earlier, the order is beginning to emerge from the chaos. There is still a huge amount of work that is needed to create the new paradigm and to fully manifest it in form. But it’s good to be able to see the new sense of order beginning to emerge where before chaos was the predominant reality. There is much joy and a sense of peace in the work as the new reality becomes more and more apparent.

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