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We’ve taken on the job of rejuvenating the kitchen. So far the focus has been the kitchen cabinets. We took off all of the doors and removed the drawers. We sanded everything down a bit and then applied milk paint and tung oil. The doors, drawer fronts, and trim had a lot of sharp edges where the wood had been decoratively routed. I sanded down the edges because it’s very difficult to keep the sharp edges when sanding, and because I much prefer the way it looks. I think the cabinets look more like an old hoosier cabinet now rather than prefab cabinets from the ’90s. I like that a lot. The wood is solid oak and oak veneer plywood. It was very nice to work with. I’m very thankful that they aren’t chipboard and melamine.

The milk paint looked fantastic, but the tung oil behaved in a way that I didn’t anticipate. In any areas that had two coats of tung oil, the grain of the wood shows through the milk paint to some extent. I haven’t decided what to do about that yet. I could just leave it and add a second coat of tung oil to the surfaces that currently only have one. Or I could experiment with adding more coats of milk paint on top of the tung oil. I’ve never done anything like that, so I don’t know whether or not the milk paint can go on top of tung oil. It might be an interesting experiment. Especially if I try to put tung oil on the milk paint on top of the tung oil on top of the milk paint (lol). I’m not going to apply the carnauba wax until I get all of that sorted out.

I think I’m going to eventually need to replace the hinges. They don’t match the other hardware. There was also a problem with the milk paint cracking in the corners where the solid oak trim meets the oak veneer plywood. I haven’t decided what to do about that yet, either.

Here are some cabinet doors and trim as they are being sanded. I love my mouse sander



Here are two doors, one with one coat of tung oil, and the other with two. The one on the right, with two coats, has some grain showing through the milk paint. The one on the left, with only one coat, has a more even color

One Coat and Two Coats

This is the workshop. Most of the sanding and cutting happens outside


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