The November Garden

Here’s today’s harvest (11-3-2011)

Harvest 11-3-11

The peppers are still producing prolifically and the eggplants are producing sporadically. There are even a few tomatoes still green on the vine and I ended up with a much better tomatillo harvest than I thought I would get. I thought I had lost all of the tomatillos to bugs, but there’s a lot of viable ones still on the plants besides the ones I harvested today. I haven’t yet figured out how to keep the tomatillos from being eaten because they have that papery outside covering that hides bugs.

The beans are blossoming profusely, but the plants themselves are small. There are baby beans also now. The sugar snap pea plants are even smaller, but they look pretty good, although I’m not seeing very many blossoms yet. The salad cucumbers didn’t make it, but the pickling cucumbers are still hanging in there, although they are also very small. I fertilized the whole lower garden with Garden Tone organic fertilizer, so hopefully that will help.

Here’s pictures of some bean blossoms and baby beans

Green Bean Blossom

Baby Beans and Blossoms

I planted cabbages and lettuce today. The cabbages went in the lower garden and the lettuces in planters in the side garden, although I’ll probably move the lettuce planters to a sunnier location soon.

I should start some broccoli and Brussels sprout seeds and some more cabbages and lettuce soon to plant where the beans are when they’re done. That will take care of everything until late January or early February when I start the tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, greens and herbs for the late winter and spring garden.

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