New Energy Paradigm

It feels to me like there has been a major shift in the energies recently. And it feels like there’s a whole new structure to the energy that is causing systems and realities that used to work to no longer work.

I definitely feel it and see it in my own daily life, and I am seeing it reflected in the lives of a lot of people I am aware of.

It’s quite frustrating to encounter the breaking down of the old structures and trying to function without them. I look around at the chaos that I see around me, in the outside gardens, in my office, in all of the mountains of things that I need to get done but I seem to get further and further behind. When the realty I see around me gets to this level of chaos, I know from experience that there has been a big shift in the energies and it’s just a matter of letting go of the old structures and the old ways of functioning and giving the new energies and corresponding structures and organizing realities the space to emerge and fill the void created by the passing of the old.

Already I can see the beginning of the emergence of the new in my own life. I still have a lot artifacts of the old to clear away in my physical environment; things that need to be organized or let go of to begin a new life elsewhere. I expect that this will express itself in my physical environment in ways that will be very pleasing to me. But I also anticipate that the energy will be pleasing when it all sorts itself out as well. And it looks like opportunities to move in some new directions are also making themselves apparent.

So as unsettling as things feel for many people right now, I think that we have turned an important corner and I think this is a good thing.

I have added a new garden category to cover discussions of this sort. But I’m going to keep the name 5 Gardens because I like it.

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