Falafel Puppies

I just invented this recipe today. Most of it is approximate because I was inventing as I went along, but it turned out really good.

I used a cup of falafel mix and probably two cups of water. I brought the water to a boil, added the mix, and cooked, stirring, until it had thickened to about the consistency of pancake batter.

I peeled, sliced, and boiled 1 smallish eggplant. Mine was a long Asian variety, but I expect that other kinds would work just as well. I mashed the eggplant and added it to the falafel mix, along with two eggs (beaten), and added unbleached white flour, and some potato flour, until the mixture was the consistency of somewhat thick pancake batter or somewhat loose biscuit batter. I added some salt, but that’s not necessary.

Then I deep fried the puppies in about four inches of oil in the wok, about six at a time, by dropping a tablespoonful of the mixture into the oil. When the edges at the level of the oil start to turn a deep golden color, turn the puppies over with a slotted spoon or similar implement. I had the oil set on medium heat because if they cook too fast, the outsides will be too brown but the insides will not be very well cooked. Cook on whatever heat works for you in order to have a deep golden brown outside, and a moist, but not runny inside. Drain on a paper towel immediately after removing from the oil.

They look a lot like hush puppies, but they have a lighter consistency, and they taste like falafel. I like them with ketchup.

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