Garden Update

I’ve been pulling up what remains of the lower garden. It’s been a banner year for cucumbers, and I would call the okra a success as well. We got enough beans for eating before it got too hot, but not enough for putting up.

I’m probably going to pull up the sweet currant tomatoes and put in some new tomato plants in their place for the fall garden. They have been hit by a fungus, and the plants have grown way too tall for their supports. I won’t be able to get the arbor built in time to help them, and the small number of tomatoes I’m getting from them makes it difficult to justify leaving them there much longer. I’ll probably plant only one or two of them next year just for fun and grow Napa grapes again in the place of the rest of them. I don’t like that the Napas are hybrid, but I really like having them to eat. The rest of the tomatoes have been hit with the fungus as well, but I think they might be salvageable. They’re still not bearing any tomatoes yet though. It might still be too hot for them. I’ll be able to get the tomatoes started and in the ground a lot earlier next year, and that should make all the difference.

The eggplants and peppers are coming on strong now and the tomatillos are doing great as well. I have to learn when to harvest tomatillos, because I haven’t ever grown them before and I haven’t a clue.

I am temporarily without a camera. Both of the rechargeable camera batteries I have now have died, so I can’t post any pictures until the new batteries we ordered arrive.

I think, considering how late I planted everything this year, I can definitely say that this year’s garden has been mostly a success. And there’s still a few months left of this year’s garden season.

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