Sweet Onion Butter

I invented a recipe last night. And I googled it this morning and found that someone else also had the same idea. Each year we buy a lot of Vidalia onions when my husband is in that part of Georgia. Vidalias don’t tend to last as long as other kinds of onions, so usually at some point I find myself needing to preserve the ones that are about to go bad.

Last night I was caramelizing a batch of Vidalias and because I can’t swallow solid foods, I decided to puree them. After pureeing, I added some sugar, salt, and vinegar and cooked them down some more. The result reminds me of apple butter in texture and color, so I decided to call it onion butter.

Unfortunately I don’t have any measurements for the sugar, salt, and vinegar, but I think people can go by what tastes good to them when adding those ingredients.

I’m inspired to create some recipes in which to use the onion butter. I’ll report back after I do. I think it would be very good on fresh biscuits (US definition of biscuit, not UK definition).

To caramelize onions, slice several sweet onions (two or three pounds is a good amount because they cook down a lot) and put them with maybe a quarter cup of oil in a dutch oven or large sauce pan. You can use slow cookers for this with good results, too. The bottom of the pan needs to be thick, though, so that the onions are less likely to burn on the bottom of the pan. Get the heat up to the point that you can hear the onions cooking, and then turn it down to the lowest setting. The cover should be on the pan until the onions are quite soft, and then it should be off the rest of the time it’s cooking. Stir frequently to prevent burning.

Keep cooking and stirring until almost all of the liquid is gone from the onions, and they are a deep golden or nut brown (depending on how you like them).

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