Home Made Vanilla Extract

I have not been able to find any vanilla extract that doesn’t have some component that is made from corn. So it has been necessary for me to make my own vanilla extract. I’ve discovered that it is incredibly easy to do and a lot cheaper than buying vanilla extract from the store.

This is the recipe I’m using currently:

1 375 ML bottle of Stolichnaya vodka
6 vanilla beans

I split the beans down the middle the long way leaving about a half inch intact at the stem end, and put them in the bottle of vodka. I left it to soak for a couple of months before using it.

That’s it. It’s just as good as store bought vanilla extract and hasn’t got any junk or any corn products in it. I used Stolichnaya because it’s not made from corn. I might add a couple more vanilla beans to make it stronger, but that’s definitely not necessary.

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