Beautiful Bug and Rose

Many beautiful bugs like the one in the picture below have been feeding among the blossoms of members of the mint family in the garden.  My field guide to butterflies and moths tells me it’s probably some kind of Hairstreak Butterfly (possibly a Red Banded Hairstreak).  In the herb garden, they are feeding on the nectar in the blossoms of the Basil plants.  I’m growing Sweet Basil and Genovese Basil – so far, I have not been able to detect much of a difference between the two, but I haven’t cooked with either of them yet. I’ll have to take a video of these creatures and post it, because their wing behavior while feeding is very interesting.  They continuously rub their wings together, which causes the little things that look like antennae sticking out the back to wiggle all the time.  For now though I have this picture which is itself quite striking even without the wing movement

Beautiful Bug

I took this picture of one of the miniature roses because they deserve to have their picture here in this blog, too. I love miniature roses

Miniature Rose

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