Another Pickle Victory

When I was a kid there was a kosher deli a few blocks from our house that had a big, old-fashioned pickle barrel from which you could buy just one big pickle for a quarter. They were the best pickles I ever had until I discovered that I could make them for myself. Last year I found a recipe for fermented dill pickles and I gave it a try. They taste just like the pickles from the barrel at the deli.

So far this year I have had two successful batches of fermented pickles. I canned one of the two batches. Even when they’ve been canned, they’re still better than pretty much any other kind of non-sweet pickles I’ve ever made. Instead of canning this last batch, I’ve put the four quarts of pickles in the fridge. They’re definitely better if they’re not cooked. I think I can keep these jars good in the fridge as long as needed, since they don’t tend to stick around very long. For those who didn’t see it in my post from last year, here’s the recipe and instructions. It’s the dill pickle recipe about halfway down the page –

Fermented Dill Pickles

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