The Furniture Garden

A while back I did some work on a small bookshelf belonging to my son. It was made by his dad as a high school woodworking project. When my son was little, it was used to store some of his toys. It remained my son’s bookshelf as he was growing up and into adulthood. A couple of years ago I took on the project of refurbishing it and giving it a new look.

I sanded it just enough to rough up the old finish, and applied a regular white primer (not Kilz – Kilz will create a crackle finish with milk paint, which can be kind of cool, but wasn’t what I was going for on this piece). I applied a couple of coats of dark green Old Fashioned Milk Paint – my favorite paint to work with, and then a couple of coats of barn red. There were a lot of imperfections in the surface of the wood, and I worked with those so that the barn red didn’t go down into the recessed areas. This allowed the green to show through wherever the surface was uneven.

I created yellow squares using milk paint in the areas where I wanted to apply my stencil design, which I did using stencils I cut myself and oil based stencil paint.

The finish is a few coats of Tung Oil and a few coats of Carnauba Wax on top of that.

I’m afraid the pictures aren’t the best (I was very unfamiliar with the camera I was using), but they do give an idea of what the piece looks like now. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures how it looked before I worked on it.


Bookcase 2

Bookcase 3

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