Other Plant Life

The garden is blessed with a lot of beautiful and in some cases, useful plant life besides what I have been planting in it. In the yard and in the area around the lower garden, the wild blossoms have been moving through their seasonal changes, much to my persistent delight. And some of them, like Purslane and Lamb’s Quarters are edible and highly nutritious. I have also been enjoying the blossoms of the crops that I have planted in the garden myself. I don’t see any reason why these plants should only exist to nourish our bodies. They’re also good for nourishing our spirits with their beauty. I find that my appreciation of the garden and all of the garden life enriches me and my life every bit as much as the food that it provides me.

Here are some of the beautiful wildflowers growing in the yard and around the gardens:

Ivy Leaf Morning Glory (this plant and the Bindweed are in the same family as sweet potatoes)

Ivy Leaf Morning Glory

Ivy Leaf Morning Glory 2





Meadow Beauty

Meadow Beauty

Horse Nettle (this plant is in the Nightshade family, which is the same family as tomatoes, tomatillos, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, and tobacco)

Horse Nettle

Mexican Clover

Mystery Plant

These are some of the beautiful blossoms that are growing on my crop plants:

This is an Okra blossom. Okra is in the Mallow family. And yes, there is a plant called “Marsh Mallow”


Sunflower (Composite family – same family as lettuce and dandelions)


Cucumber blossom


The following three plants are in the Nightshade family along with the Horse Nettle

Pingtung Long Eggplant

Pingtung Long Eggplant

Diamond Eggplant

Diamond Eggplant

Purple Tomatillo

Purple Tomatillo

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