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The gardens have seen an explosion of wildlife in the last year or two. I’ve been noticing it in bits and pieces for a while, but the big picture just hit me today. When I reconfigured the beds in the garden next to the house, I found hundreds of earthworms under the landscape cloth that I pulled up for moving. Usually the soil around here seems to be pretty devoid of earthworms. So I was delighted with that.

In previous years, I’ve seen many, many Anoles around the porches and the yard and gardens. This year I have also started to see a lot of Skinks as well. The first picture is an Anole. The second is a Southeastern Five Lined Skink. (I did not take either of these two pictures.)


Southeastern Five Lined Skink

I’ve been seeing many toads and dragonflies as well, and the number of these creatures seems to be increasing every year, along with the very large numbers of different kinds of bees that I’ve been seeing just this year.

I was taking a picture of this cool looking grasshopper today


And I was thinking that it would be very cool to be able to take a picture of a beautiful dragonfly if only one of them would remain still long enough for me to do it. They’re very busy creatures and they don’t seem to remain still for more than a fraction of a second at a time. A few minutes later, this beautiful red dragonfly settled on a stake, and remained there long enough for me to take several pictures. The closeup shots weren’t sharp enough to post, so this one will have to do

Red Dragonfly

I said in an earlier entry that this garden is a gradual process of becoming more and more in balance with nature. The progress is something that I can see very clearly for the first time this year. There is still a long way to go yet, but it’s very good to be able to see that things are moving in the desired direction.

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