New Garden Year

It’s time to start planning this year’s garden. I anticipate some big changes in the garden configuration, and I’ll probably be buying only heirloom seeds this year. I’ve already got some lettuce planted in containers. I think I’ll keep the lettuce in containers right through the summer, and move them into the house during the hot weather. I’m going to experiment with trying to keep some lettuce growing and producing all year long. I bought a great huge container of bubble wrap to use as insulation for a mini greenhouse that I’ll be making, so maybe I’ll even be able to keep the lettuce going right through next winter. We’ll see.

The outside garden this year will probably become quite a lot larger than it has been so far. One of our neighbors had a garden in the power line cut behind our house, and he passed away last year. So I’ve decided to see if I can keep that garden patch going now that he’s no longer with us. It’s a fairly large area, so I will likely be able to plant many more kinds of veggies than I have so far in this location. We probably won’t be extending our drip irrigation system to this new garden area, but the water table is quite high in this location, so maybe that area won’t need as much watering. We’ll see.

We’ve been enjoying the bounties of last year’s garden, and it looks like they might last until this year’s garden starts bearing, so I consider last year’s garden, even with its problems, to be a success, food-wise. This year, I will be providing a lot more shade to the plants during the hottest part of the year. Hopefully that will keep everything going right through to late fall.

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