Exploring the ‘net and getting back to the land

In some of my travels around the internet, I come across some interesting websites and blogs (I’m sure I’m not at all unique in this regard).  Here’s a few that I found today.  I think they’re kind of cool.  There seems to be a movement these days of people who are trying to live closer to the land and nature.  It reminds me of what some of us were doing in the ’70s.  Maybe the geezers out there will remember Euell Gibbons and the joke that was a spoof of his Post Grape Nuts commercial – “Hi!  I’m Euell Gibbons!  Ever eat a doorknob?  Most parts are edible!”

I am encouraged to see this happening.  For a long time, the whole “back to the land” aesthetic seemed to be mostly the butt of jokes and ridicule.  I’m seeing a resurgence in many of the ways people were practicing self-sufficiency back in the 1960s and ’70s – urban farming, primitive skills, wild foods foraging, and moving out to the country to be self-sufficient.  I think it’s great.  One of my sisters posted to her Facebook page a while back that she was going in the direction of self-sufficiency, and described all of the things she was going to be doing as a part of that.  My response was, “Welcome to the ’70s!”

The decade of the ’70s was a heady time for those of us who were involved in the “back to the land” movement then, and it’s quite gratifying to see it coming back into some degree of respectability now in the new century.  Back then we had the Whole Earth Catalog.  Now we have blogs.  This is good.

Here’s some blogs that I think are worth checking out –

Tracker of Plants

First Ways

The Oko Box Blog

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