Me and nature had a little talk today

I finally did it.  It’s been way too long since I last sat down and had a serious tête-à-tête with nature.  I am always connected with nature to one degree or another when I am working in the garden, but sometimes I need to sit down, get my energy as clear as possible, and make a direct connection.  And communicate clearly and intentionally.

I first chatted with the overlighting spirit of the garden.  I hesitate to apply a gender to the overlighting spirit, but it also feels strange to use the term “it” in reference to this life form.  So I will use he/she instead.  This one feels a bit more male than female, but I definitely sense some of both kinds of energy.

He/she was fairly gushing with enthusiasm for this project that we have undertaken together.  I had forgotten the amount of ebullience this garden spirit tended to manifest in our communications.  Had he/she manifested a visual appearance, I think he/she would have been bouncing with the energy he/she was expressing.  We talked a bit about the garden and the work we are doing together and about future needs and plans for the garden.  I asked if the garden was serving any purpose (other than to feed my husband and I), and he/she said that it is helping to anchor the transformational energies that are emerging during the current paradigm shift.  I was focusing my thoughts a bit on the way the garden progresses, and he/she said that the way we are doing it is like weaving and knitting with energy.

Instead of all coming into being at once, the garden is being created in much the same way that a length of cloth is created, one weft thread being added after another until it becomes a whole piece of cloth (or an integrated garden environment).  The knitting metaphor was in reference to how the energies of all of the different elements of the garden are knitted together to form a whole.  He/she explained why it is necessary for this garden to be created gradually, over a period of years, rather than being planned and created all at once.  This is because the energies in this area need to be shifted gradually so as not to create too big of a shock to the surrounding area.  There are neighbors very close to the garden, and it’s not right to create major and sudden shifts in the energy in such close proximity to other people.

I had a nice chat with some of the garden life, like some of the insects that live amongst the Napa grape tomatoes, and also some of the garden plants.  They were very instructive and helpful.

Finally, I had a chat with the deva of poison ivy.  This was a very helpful chat, and I feel much better now.  The deva explained that it understands my dilemma with regard to wanting to welcome all of life into the garden, and at the same time, being severely hampered by the presence of poison ivy in the garden.  It said that at this time, the poison ivy is doing work in the garden, but that this work will not always be needed, and when it’s not, there will not be any reason for the poison ivy to maintain a presence in the garden, and we can pull it all up if we want to.

The deva said that the poison ivy plants help to balance angry and/or irritated or agitated energies.  It said that the source of the energies here is the junk that people have left in the woods behind our house.  It said that when I clear out that junk, the energies will not need this kind of balancing.  I think I will need to do some energy work on the stuff that is buried, like the glass and bricks, that I won’t be able to dig up, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  The biggest challenge right now will be to get to the junk that’s back in the woods because right now it’s all grown up in poison ivy.  That job might have to wait until the poison ivy dies back on its own in the fall.  I am relieved to know that I can be welcoming to the poison ivy and appreciative of the work it does, without having to figure out how to live with it in the garden/yard.

It was lovely sitting out in the outside garden this evening, chatting with the other intelligences that live and work here.  It’s stupid of me to put off doing it for so long since it’s such an enjoyable thing to do and makes my life so much easier in the long run.  For some reason, I get into a guilty mode and think that nature is going to judge me for not being perfect.  This is probably old baggage of my own, and has nothing whatever to do with how nature operates.  Nature is always patient, kind, and loving, and appreciative of my contributions to the garden effort.

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