Building on Prior Success

I don’t know what it’s like for Machaelle Wright or the folks at Findhorn, but for me, I have not ever been able to completely silence the nagging little thoughts that say, “what if the information you think you’re getting is just a bunch of BS invented by your own mind?”  Some people are able to use inner vision or inner hearing to get information, but it doesn’t work that way for me.  I am only able to use a sense of inner knowing.  It comes as fully formed thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes it comes as cravings.  An example was an experience in which a friend asked for help communicating with her garden to see if there was anything it needed that it wasn’t getting.  While communicating with one of her crops, I experienced a craving for milk.  I told her that her plants needed something white like milk, and that it was probably one or more of the components of milk, like phosphorous.

But these are such amorphous ways of getting information that it’s very easy to question whether or not they are real.  When we are learning how to recognize what’s real and what isn’t when communicating with nature intelligences or other non-physical life, we can gain confidence by just trying it out, and seeing what works.  If you get information that you can act on, go ahead and act on it, and see if it produces good results.  If it does, you have a success upon which you can build.

When I find myself questioning my own abilities to get information, I remind myself of the things that have worked for me in the past.  Here’s a couple that continue to help me keep my confidence up:

When I was communicating with my friend’s garden, I remember telling her that her squash plants were in trouble, and that their roots were sitting in water.  They were planted too close to the creek that ran through her property.  She was astonished, because the squashes looked vibrantly healthy.  She had a lot of difficulty accepting my assertion that future squashes would need to be planted on higher ground, or at least further away from the creek.  A couple of weeks later, she called and told me that I had indeed been correct about the status of the squash plants.  She said that all of the blossoms fell off and did not produce even a single squash.  The following season, she planted her squashes on higher ground, and that did the trick.  Her squash crop that year was excellent.

Some years later, I was involved in trying to clean up the energy in the area of an energy vortex that some people had been using as a dump.   I was instructed to place a genesa crystal in a certain location close to the dump.  I made the genesa crystal using 1/4 inch flexible copper tubing, and placed it where I was told.  I kept getting the feeling that something else was needed.  I communicated with the appropriate consciousnesses and was told that the crystal required a mineral to be placed inside of it.  I asked what mineral was needed.  I was told “apatite”, and I was shown what the mineral looked like.  It was dark greenish blue, opaque, and had a kind of bubbly looking surface with almost an oily sheen.  I had seen apatite before, but it never looked like that, so I was concerned about whether or not I was getting real information.  All of the apatite I had ever seen was light blue, translucent, and had flat, rather than irregular, bubbly looking surfaces.

I called the company from whom I bought minerals at the time, and I described the thing I was looking for.  I asked them whether or not there was any kind of apatite that looked like that.  They said, yes there was, and it was called “Brazillian blue apatite”.  I had never heard of that before, and had also never seen any of it before.

While I would not expect someone who was unable or unwilling to consider the possibility of communicating with nature in this way to accept that my experiences are proof of anything at all, for me, they serve as confidence building experiences, and remembering them during moments of doubt has provided me with the confidence I needed to keep going even during those times when that nagging little voice was making a pest of itself.

And that’s what it’s all about.  Just keep going, and eventually even the most timid practitioner of co-creative gardening will have enough successes under their belt to keep them going even in the midst of those moments of doubt.

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