A Note on Energy Vortexes

Some people are able to detect the presence of an energy vortex.  Different people have different ways of doing this.  I found out quite accidentally that I am able to detect them, and it wasn’t any fun.  When I am in the vicinity of an energy vortex, I get very dizzy, sometimes to the point of vomiting or almost passing out.  I think this is probably a very unusual response to the presence of an energy vortex, so most people probably don’t have to worry about having a similar experience.

Genesa crystals create energy vortexes.  I have a small crystal in my outside garden, and the energy vortex it creates is too small to bother me.  I have been to Perelandra twice.  Machaelle has a large genesa crystal in the center of her garden, and she has it tied energetically to a number of minerals that she has placed around the garden.  This creates a massive and very powerful energy vortex.  Both times I was at Perelandra, I experienced quite a lot of discomfort from the garden’s energy vortex.

Several years ago, I was asked to make genesa crystals for other people.  On one occassion, I made several in one day.  One or two of them were very large, and there were a couple of medium sized ones, and perhaps one or two small ones.  I knew that the energy vortexes they would create would be a problem for me, but I thought I could store them in a garage that was a few hundred feet away from the house where I was staying at the time.  Boy was I wrong.  I waited until all of the components were made before putting them together, so it didn’t take very long for me to do the final work of connecting the hoops together.  Once they were finished, I put them out in the garage.  Within a fairly short time, I started to feel very uncomfortable.  Within a few hours, I was so ill, I was vomiting and feeling like I was going to die.

I asked my housemate to take them to a friend’s house a few miles away to store them until they could be delivered.  As soon as they were more than two miles away, I started to feel much better, and I was completely better by the next morning.

A couple of years ago, I had extensive acupuncture work done, and it’s possible that I am no longer quite so sensitive to these things, but I haven’t put myself in a position to really find out.  However, I expect that this problem is a result of a defect in my own energy systems.  Most people report having a very pleasing experience in the vicinity of an energy vortex.  My experiences shouldn’t cause anyone to avoid exposure to an energy vortex, or to avoid the use of genesa crystals in their own homes or gardens.  I find genesa crystals to be extremely helpful for working with the energy of an area or an environment.

A note on making genesa crystals:  instructions for making genesa crystals can be found in an appendix in Machaell Small Wright’s Perelandra Garden Workbook.

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